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Preparing Your Historic Home To Weather Seasonal Storms

JACKSONVILLE, FL (December 2003) With the 2003 hurricane season over and winter storm season on the horizon, owners of historic homes in North Florida can make special preparations to ensure their older homes weather this region's seasonal storms.

"In hurricane season and beyond, it's important to be proactive and take steps to make sure historic homes are prepared as best as possible to withstand the high winds and rain associated with hurricanes and Noreasters," said Tom Turnage, president of Turnage Co.

Turnage Co. has been caring for and restoring homes in North Florida's historic neighborhoods for more than a decade. While historic homes face the same storm damage all homes face, older homes are can be particularly susceptible in certain areas.

Turnage Co. offers these tips:

Prune trees. Since many of North Florida's older homes are located in areas that boast plentiful trees, Turnage Co. recommends keeping trees pruned. "In many of our historic neighborhoods, there are gorgeous old trees," said Turnage. "It's important to keep them trimmed and pruned. When there are storms with heavy wind and rain, the leaves get saturated and weigh the limbs. Keeping them trimmed back can minimize this. In the event that strong winds force limbs down, you want to make sure you're taking precautions to curb the damage they can cause to your home - or your neighbor's home."

Replace loose shingles. Being diligent about replacing loose shingles can make a difference. "In older homes, we recommend replacing and securing loose shingles throughout the year, but especially during the stormy season," said Turnage.

Fire Safety. Fireplaces add character to historic homes, but they can also be hazardous if not maintained. "As we enter the winter season, make sure your chimney is cleaned each year, and that you've got a proper screen to protect against flyway embers," said Turnage.

Gutters. Drainage following a storm can wreck havoc on an older home if gutters haven't been properly maintained. Clean gutters on a regular basis, but particularly before or after storm season.

Turnage also recommends installing storm shutters to further protect historic homes.

Turnage Co. is an award-winning, full-service, design/build construction company based in Jacksonville, Florida. Since inception in 1989, Turnage Co. has planned, designed and/or constructed hundreds of high quality projects including residential and commercial remodeling, custom homes, office buildings and historical restorations. For more information, visit http://www.turnageco.com/. You may also call the Avondale/Ortega office at (904) 387-0770, or the San Marco location at (904) 399-0411.


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