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Our Residential Process

Creative Concepts | Design Detail and Selection | Quality Construction | Continuing Service

Creative Concepts – Phase I Conceptual Design
We believe that renovations and additions to homes should have a seamless flow in both function and appearance. Rooms should relate to each other because after all, form follows function. Our projects must look right and feel right so that they enhance the lifestyle of the owners and their families.
All construction projects face the challenge of creatively and cost-effectively achieving the objectives of the owner. A creative concept is not complete unless it is financially feasible. So our first step is Phase I Conceptual Design which provides the minimum level of plans and drawings necessary to determine the viability of the project and establish accurate project costs with a guarantee of no change orders, except for ones originating from a client.
With the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) techniques and equipment, our design professionals will prepare a set of to-scale plans. These plans will clearly communicate information regarding the size, shape and functional characteristics of the project including information about zoning, yard setbacks, building codes, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning capacity.
We also determine a realistic timetable for the project. And finally, we produce a 20 category, item-by-item cost breakdown for the project based on real information.

Design Detail & Selection – Phase II
This represents the final design stage and includes all the detail information for workmen to proceed with the project. Here the owner finalizes all selections such as plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, doors, windows and flooring.
The Turnage Company also takes care of all government permitting for zoning, life safety codes, engineering, wind loading, landscaping, drainage and environmental issues.
Quality Construction – Phase III
This is the stage where the dream starts to be assembled. Clients will clearly see why we say, “we love what we do and it shows”. So much so that many of our clients have hired us for multiple projects.

Continuing Service – Phase IV
Even though your project may be complete, we’re still here to assist. We are always available for maintenance, repair or even hurricane preparation.
Because of our commitment to clients, we’re frequently called upon for referrals or advice about a myriad of home issues such as drainage, roofing, moisture, painting or small project repair. We are able to make referrals or even assist in making these projects, that can be the bane of homeownership, disappear.