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Love Your Location?

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Dear Friends, Customers and Neighbors:
Despite the gloom in the news, the majority in our neighborhood love their homes and
have no intention of moving. For them, it is THE BEST MARKET IN MANY YEARS
to make improvements. Why? Consider the following:

  • The construction industry—including craftsmen, tradesmen, and material suppliers—
    is crying for work. Material prices are extremely competitive, quality subs are
    plentiful, and scheduling is a dream.
  • Interest rates are still among the lowest in my adult lifetime. Home equity lines of
    credit, the primary vehicle used by our clients to fund projects, are tied to the
    prime rate which is currently at only 5%. I remember when rates were nearly 20%.
  • Banks and mortgage companies are still looking to make loans to those with
    good credit, in stable neighborhoods, with large amounts of equity in their homes.
    That’s how banks used to make money, and they’re going back to their roots,
    willingly or not.
  • Jacksonville is still growing. The inventories will eventually be absorbed. The
    market for houses is simply returning to historic trends and will stabilize and begin
    to appreciate once again.


An appropriate addition or remodel is perfect for the family who wants to
room addition, a master bath or covered porch will be something that you and your
family can enjoy today and in the future. That’s worth a lot.
The right project will also add value to your property if you ever do sell, just like all
the projects designed and completed over the past two decades by Turnage Company.


  • We have successfully designed and constructed over a thousand remodeling
    projects. We can design and build the right project for your home.
  • We are financially stable. We can and will finish your project without a financial
    train wreck. There are companies out there vying for your business that are
    teetering on the brink of financial disaster. Caveat emptor! Let the buyer beware!
  • We deliver a great project for a great price. We have never been the cheapest
    contractor, or the most expensive contractor. We are the best value contractor,
    which is why so much of our business is repeat projects for existing clients.

So if you’re planning a project, please,
Tom Turnage

Call Turnage First!

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Planning a project?…Call Turnage First!!

“We love what we do…..and it shows!”

That isn’t just a fancy tagline, it is our passion. At the Turnage Company, we truly do love what we do and it truly does show. We invite you to take a look at a few of our residential projects and see for yourself. http://www.turnageco.com/projects_residential.shtml If you are interested in a commercial project you can find that here. http://www.turnageco.com/projects_commercial.shtml

The Turnage Company is an award-winning design build contractor and remodeling company that specializes in beautiful custom homes, creative renovations, and architecturally pleasing additions. These are Turnage specialties but our services do not stop there. Please contact us for additional information.

Since 1989, we have helped hundreds of homeowners fulfill their dreams, from initial concept and design through final completion. The Turnage Company should be your single source for planning, design and construction services, eliminating the additional expense and confusion of hiring mulitiple professionals.

Our goal is to set the standard for client satisfaction by providing the highest quality of design, workmanship, and attitude to achieve an outstanding client experience. Your project is unique. So is our commitment. There are design challenges, zoning and code issues, safety and security worries that are all unique to your project, as well as your lifestyle. It’s your home, it’s your family, and it’s your money. So it’s personal! That’s why it’s important to choose a professional that has set the standard, such as the Turnage Company.

Call TURNAGE first to design your next project!


Turnage Company

Florida State Certified Building Contractor - License number CBC057150

Written by TDavis

August 22nd, 2008 at 9:18 am